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Impress others: Tired of your Mac that looks like everybody else's? You can change the wallpaper, some colors and icons, but what about your mouse pointer? Would it not be cool to customize to your mouse arrow? With Startrail this is finally possible!

Show your personality: With Startrail you have many different options and effects to choose from: stars, butterflies, bubbles, leaves and many more. You can easily change color, size, wind and gravity to suit your tastes.

Only when you want: Don't worry, Startrail it won't be a distraction: you can pause the trail when you want without quitting the app. You can also configure the mouse sensitivity so the app does not get in your way when doing precision work.

And finally, the app includes also dock effects to make your desktop even shinier! Download it now from the Mac App Store.

What people say

"This app is amazing, fun and cool. There are so many cursors you can select. My personal favorite is the stars! You should definitely get this app!"

"Girls will love this app. It is a riot having sparkles following your mouse around. My granddaughter is so excited I got it, and so am I! Thanks a million! Great fun app for grandmas too!"

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